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Dustmaster provides professional domestic cleaning services that are reliable and affordable without compromise to quality. We specialise in house cleaning in the Perth metro area for private homeowners and property managers. We make it our priority to always deliver exceptional customer service that you can trust. Whether you need vacate cleaning or rental inspection cleaning, our domestic cleaners in Perth can accommodate to your specific needs. Contact Dustmaster today for reliable and professional cleaning services.

Our Domestic Cleaning Services

Cleaning can be an extremely stressful and time consuming process from moving around the furniture to ensuring no areas are overlooked. This is especially true if your property lease is coming to an end or if you have new tenants for your rental property. Our comprehensive cleaning services including the following:

End of Lease Cleaning

Vacating a property is never easy and the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning the property. This is one task that you simply cannot avoid if you hope to pass the final inspection. We employ a ‘Quality Control System’ which our vacate cleaners work around to ensure the property is thoroughly checked. Every cleaning job completed is always performed to the highest standards. Our cleaning checklist ensures all the following areas are properly cleaned.


Your kitchen is where you spend a lot of time. Overtime certain areas start to accumulate dirt and other particles. We clean these areas inside and out:


Bathrooms are also another area of the home that requires comprehensive cleaning. Some areas such as the corners are susceptible to mold growth. We ensure all these areas are properly cleaned:

General Cleaning

Our house cleaning services are not limited to the kitchen and bedroom. We also do cleaning for the following areas for bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas of your home: Our vacate cleaning in Perth is comprehensive and no details are left out. Whether you need the entire home cleaned or a specific room done, we can tailor a service that fits your needs. Contact us today and leave your end of lease cleaning to our specialists for a completely hassle-free service.

Pre Sale Cleans

Presentation is absolutely important when displaying a home for sale. An interior that is not properly kept leaves a poor impression with potential buyers, which could mean losing out on a sale. First impressions are also important when showing a property to be rented out. A clean home assures future buyers and tenants that the property is well maintained. Let our domestic cleaners in Perth handle the cleaning of your home so you can focus on more important matters and get the property sold.

Rental Inspection Cleaning

Routine inspections are often carried out to ensure rental properties are well taken care of and that are no potentially problematic issues. The frequency depends on the rental company or the landlord but a notice is required before an inspection is conducted. Keeping the property clean goes a long way especially if you plan to renew the lease. Neglect on your part could lead to extra charges or penalties. Our Perth house cleaners can carry out complete cleaning services that will have you passing these routine rental inspections without any problems. We also provide comprehensive domestic cleaning for property managers who are preparing a home or apartment for renting.

Regular Cleaning Services

Proper cleaning should never be neglected and is a sound investment that ultimately pays off. Keeping your home well maintained has a positive impact on health and wellbeing for everyone. We provide domestic cleaning services that keep your home in excellent condition. Our house cleaners can do weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning. Our customers are always our top priority and the services we provide can be tailored to suit your requirements. Leave your house cleaning to our specialists so you have one less thing to worry about.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets remain a popular choice for most household flooring as they provide a comfortable feeling but they also need to be well kept for health purposes. Vacuuming alone is often not enough as it fails to provide a deep clean that professional carpet cleaning offers. Professional carpet cleaning we provide: The benefits are impossible to ignore as professional cleaning keeps your carpets fresh and clean. We use speciality cleaning equipment to ensure a deep clean that eliminates any potential pollutants that may be lurking in your carpets.

Custom Cleaning Services

We understand that you have specific cleaning requirements. Our house cleaners are able to create a fully customised solution that is tailored for your needs. The result is a reliable and affordable service you can depend on. Get in touch with us today about any specific requirements you have.

Why Choose Dustmaster

We work around a quality control system to ensure every job is completed to high standards. When you choose Dustmaster as your professional house cleaners in Perth, we go a step further to provide exceptional value for our clients. We make sure that all our cleaning services are thoroughly completed to make sure everything is done right before handing the keys back. For added convenience, we can also arrange additional services such as light bulb replacement, car cleanings, and cleaning for leather and cloth sofas. Customers choose us through referrals because of the high standards we have in place for the services we provide. Contact us today by phone at 0448 791 625 for more details about our professional domestic cleaning services. You can also fill out the form on this page to request a quote and one of our specialists will get in touch with you to provide further assistance.

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Domestic cleaning you can rely on – no fuss service that means your house is in pristine condition so you can get on with the things you really enjoy. For affordable house cleaning by professional reliable cleaners, dustmaster are a team you can count on.

For details on what’s included in our affordable vacate cleaning, property management and executive let cleaning and domestic cleaning services see our cleaning services page. Or if you would like a free quote contact dustmaster.

We are proud to announce our ‘Quality Control System’ After every vacate clean the property is checked thoroughly to ensure the clean quality is at the standard you demand. Vacate Cleaning you can rely on – no fuss service that means your properties are left in pristine condition so you can get on with your job. For affordable house cleaning by professional reliable cleaners, dustmaster are the team you can count on. We can also help with carpet cleaning, laundry & globe replacement.

Dustmaster specialise in end of lease cleaning, vacate cleaning, bond cleaning and exit cleans. Moving house is never easy – and the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning your home when you vacate. For hassle-free cleaning and peace of mind you can trust dustmaster to leave your property in sparkling condition. Trust dustmaster with your vacate clean.